Is Dog Training Difficult

I have a dog when I was a little boy. After that, I did not have any dog at home. Recently, I saw a friend got a handsome german shepherd at home. He looks healthy and strong. So, I started to entertain the idea of having a puppy at home.

But, is it difficut to train a puppy at home? I have much hesitation about it. I searched the net for some idea over this issue and come across an interesting site that offer tips for training puppy. The site looks great to me. I hope to spend sometime browsing thru it. I might get helpful idea then.

Watch Dog Training Videos

I am very happy today, not because my friends treated me to a sumptuous dinner or something like that. I am glad because I got access to a dog training membership site.

It is an eye-opening experience for me. I have never known that there is so much to know, so much to learn, about dog and dog training. All in all, I noticed there are at least 200 over dog training videos available. The most important thing for me who is more prone to reading is that there are texts available explaining the steps taken for each section of the dog training videos.

So, it seems that for the next couple of weeks, I will have plenty to watch about dog training.

Cure for Yeast Infection

For more than a month, I have been scratching badly around my private part. The itchiness is unbearable, and sense a great relief after each scratching. Most of the time, I scratch so intensely that the skin tear away and I smell blood in my fingers. The sight is very uncomfortable.

This is yeast infection in the skin. I kind of guess that it should be so. Should I follow some natural cure for yeast infection tips that I read online. I decided to buy a tropical cream. I applied it diligently every night for 6 nights and the itchiness has mostly gone. I will continue to use it for a couple of weeks, hoping that I would by then have completely eradicated the fungus.

Dog Training Videos par excellence

I know you might not believe it, but now most people will watch a video to learn how to train their dogs. Take for example, my brother. He was so excited after finding a site that offers to show 250+ dog training videos if he agrees to pay one dollar only. Of course, it is for a period of 3 days. If he love the site, he can sign up for a month that cost 17 dollars. Anyway, comparatively, it is very cheap for a set of 250+ videos that can help you to change the dog’s behavior.

Garlic for What?

If you have ever met any Korean, you will know they love garlic to the extreme. During my college days, I have some Korean friends, and you will see garlic in whatever food that is on the table.

The smell of garlic is really strong. Its pungent smell seems to be a real attraction for some people, and annoyance for the others. I can take garlic, but not in the raw manner, except it is accompanied by chilli sauce.

Garlic, despite its “terrible” smell, actually has some medicinal values. If you are suffering from yeast infection, for example, garlic can help to get rid of those painful and irritating symptoms rather fast. If you know how to do it properly, usually you can get a relief within a short period of 12 hours.

Garlic also, I heard, is good to regulate blood pressure. For this reason, I have been taking garlic capsules for the last five years. Quite a lot of money spent, actually. But, I hope it is doing me good, especially for the hard-working heart :)


Potty Training for Dogs

My goodness, I never know that I will have to teach the dogs to eliminate. I thought dogs will know how to pee and poo in the right manner. But, I was wrong. When the new puppy enter my home, the new nightmare begins.

I have now a new task, that is of cleaning up the mess he created after each time he finished eating or whenever he is in the need to empty himself. On top of that, I have a nightmare of hearing my wife screaming at the top of her voice, scolding me for bringing the dog home. I should not, really!

What can I do now? The free way that will not cost me any buck is to go online to find a way on potty training dogs. Fortunately, there are so may free tips that are available. My only concern is do not know if these tips work.

I hope for the best to get rid of these nightmares from my house :)


Where to Get Help for Dog Training

I recently brought home a new puppy. My daughters love it, but not my wife. The reason is simple: this new addition to our home barks all the time, causing her plenty of headache.

So, what should I do now? Should I sent this puppy to the dog training school? But, I don’t think I would be able to afford the “school fee”. Mind you, it is not cheap to have your puppy enrolled in a school. Anyway, there is no dog training school in my town. So, the idea is not practical.

Maybe I can get some tips from my neighbour. He has owned a dog for quite a while, and seems to be doing fine with this canine at home. Who knows, he will be able to guide me in the first few lessons of training a dog. My only reservation is that he might not be very friendly to share with me his tips and tricks. The reason is this: we have not been talking to one another although we stay in the same housing estate.

But, I guess, I will find a way out. Maybe a link like this will help.


My Friend Sollo Lim

Recently I made a new friend in Singapore. This man is actually from Cina. Although we only met for a short time, somehow we get along well and become good friend.

My friend has a blog with livejournal. I notice he has started to write at the media site. His recent post is this one It is about his need to get a new job.

We know it is very competitive to get a good paying job in Singapore. I wish him well in his search for a new job.


Looking for A Scholarship

Education is expensive, but education is the key to climb up the social ladder. Therefore, although education is expensive, it must be attained at all cost.

One thing that greatly help in the education of the poor is the availability of scholarships. You can find a lot of resources that provides guide to apply for a scholarships. You will also receive a directory of schools and organizations that provide these scholarships for those in need.

If you are in the religious education, most of the time, churches also provide scholarships for those in training to be clergy or religious teachers. It is easier to secure scholarships from religious bodies as compared to secular institutions.